Things to see

As well as the breathtaking cliffs, golden beaches, scalloped bays with sandy islands, sights to see in the Algarve include Roman ruins, Moorish castles & traditional picturesque villages. A stroll around any of the nearby villages reveals beautiful & interesting local architecture.

The Church in Lagoa

An interesting example of Portuguese architecture is in the nearby village of Lagoa.

5 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk away


Take a river boat trip from Portimao, during the day or the evening, to Silves, an attractive town of orange roof tops, scattered above the banks of the Rio Arade. It boasts one of the best preserved medieval castles in the Algarve. You will probably see storks on their nests, on the chimneys or bridges or wherever they find a spot to rest.


There is much to see in this historical town. Built in the distinctive red sandstone of the area, the castle still remains substantially intact despite bearing the brunt of the 12th century battles between the Moors and Christians. It was restored to its' present form in 1835 and symbolises the splendour of Moorish Silves.

SIlves is 10 minutes drive from the villa.

Benegil Caves:

A traditional Portuguese boat piloted by a Captain takes you around this system of caves that lines the Algarve Coast.

The Caves are 15 minutes drive from the villa.


Cape St Vincent:

A trip to Europe's most southwesterly point is a must. At sunset you can feel the ripples as the sun hits the sea and join in the appreciative applause of the many onlookers.

At the end of the Cape a red, wind- whipped lighthouse guides the ocean going ships.

A lovely drive which will take about 45 minutes.